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Mission: To promote a change in the process of Brazilian Medical Education, nurturing social responsibility and citizenship in future doctors, and fostering the humanistic perspective of doctoring, in order to support health demands coming the patients’ needs and from the Brazilian community.

SOBRAMFA – Medical Education and Humanism, (former Brazilian Society for Family Medicine) is an academic society founded by a group of physicians in 1992 in São Paulo, Brazil, with the aim of promoting medical education and humanism in medicine, and helping to establish the proper basis and scientific methodology for family practice.

SOBRAMFA, was the first initiative to promote academic Family Medicine in Brazil. Since the beginning  SOBRAMFA’s main role is among medical students coming from diverse Brazilian medical schools, because of their interest in Humanistic Medicine, Patient Centered approach, ethics and human values in medicine.


  • Cooperate in providing a humanistic and anthropologic education for future physicians.
  • Collaborate in the education of medical students, developing the capacity for providing a Patient Centered approach model useful for Primary Care.
  • Integrate medical students into the community and its real needs, increasing their sense of citizenship and social responsibility as doctors.
  • Develop research projects, based on the Brazilian social reality, in order to help construct a proper framework able to support the needs of our society.
  • Collaborate in the selection process of candidates for medical schools,
  • Promote Ethics and Human Values in Medicine;
  • Develop Medical Humanities (Literature, Cinema, Poetry, Music, Narratives) as a resource to promote the humanistic dimension of doctoring and support doctors’ empathy with patients.
  • Provide faculty development education for medical schools teachers.

Articles written by the SOBRAMFA team, and published in many countries around the world, can be found at our Articles page.

We look forward to your joining us in this important work!

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