VIPP – Visitor Professor Program

  1. VIPP is a Program for Teachers who wish to participate in SOBRAMFA teaching experiences.
  2. The program is designed according to the particular needs of the teacher (Taylor made) and has a recommended duration of 3 to 4 weeks, allowing to participate in all SOBRAMFA teaching activities.
  3. The Teacher should send a formal request, indicating among the following aspects, those that are of particular interest.

A) Health Care Services (all scenarios of clinical teaching practice, with the presence of young doctors and students)

  • Follow up of hospital patients (inpatients)
  • Chronic Patient Management
  • Palliative care
  • Elderly Residentials and Nursing Homes.
  • Continuity of care in Ambulatory for Outpatient

In all these practice scenarios, you can learn:

  • Communication skills: with patients and family
  • Managing difficult prognostic, delivering bad news.
  • Integration with other experts and assistance team communication
  • Integration and leadership with the multi professional team

B) Teaching Pedagogical Activities:

  • Weekly Scientific Meeting
  • Monthly Humanistic Meeting
  • Student Assessment through Medical Narratives
  • Preceptorship dynamics and evaluation of young doctors

C) Training Program for Young Doctors: Training in Patient-Centered Medicine, which includes in its development three simultaneous dimensions:

  1. Vocational Practicing Training : development of competencies, skills and attitudes required in clinical practice to build medical professionalism.
  2. Academic Formation: development of research, publications and participation in national and international scientific events, as well as pedagogical preparation for future teaching activities.
  3. Management and Leadership Training: Develop the ability to manage health care in the labor market, as well as the ability to lead a healthcare team, integrating talents effectively
  4. D) Business Management Models developed by SOBRAMFA:
  • Service Contracts
  • Tracking results.
  • Assistance Product Management.

Investment: US$ 2,145 / EURO: 1,936 (Scholarships and special values may be granted by agreement with the institutions)

Application form

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