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Commentary on Hannah Arendt


Artigo publicado em 05/2016. Local de publicação: Academic Medicine


Someone from the Scientific Committee of the Brazilian Society of Clinical Oncology Annual Meeting invited me to give a lecture. The meeting organizers included me in a panel about evidence-based oncology and assigned me a challenging topic: Humanizing the Evidence. The panel coordinator explained he had read some of my articles about humanizing medicine and "all that movie stuff you use in your teaching. We want to bring up the human side of medicine, in the midst of the evidence." I have used cinema in medical education for a long time, not just to show the right way of doctoring but, primarily, to push learners to reflect.1,2 Fostering reflection, that’s the goal. And for this I show movie clips and provide comments while the movie is going on, always looking at the audience, at students’ faces, so I can appraise if they are following my logic. The challenge for the oncology meeting was to choose the right scenes and fit them in the short time the panel allowed me.